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    I have some large reports 500-1000 pages, they display fine, but they seem to take up a lot of memory on the server.  the w3wp.exe keeps building up.  If I have 500 people opening up a different 500-1000 page report, it seems like it's going to be a major hit on the server.  Is there anyway around this?

    I'm using the silverlight viewer.  It would be nice to dump all the data to the client and free up the memory.  I guess maybe I could the the render to pdf option instead of showing the report.  I would guess the server would then get rid of the memory after the file is downloaded.

    Maybe there's no way around this and I just have to limit the number of people who can view the reports.  Or I guess I could make a crude report viewer or xaml tree and use silverlight 4's printing.  Then I could just dump all the data to the client.
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    Any feed back on this?
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    Our concerns about rendering that amount of pages are already known. My colleague has explained them here. Performance Considerations- the updated link to our performance considerations article, where you can find suggestions how to optimize the report.

    Our suggestion is to determine the amount of data that can be rendered without exception (on trial-error basis). Then use an ObjectDataSource and in the data retrieval method check the amount of data before passing it to the report. If the amount is to large, reduce it via filtering and report parameters, or cease the further processing by throwing an exception for the current user.
    In the method you can include any custom logic that can help you prevent the system from malfunctioning if it is too busy.


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