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    Posted 11 May 2012 Link to this post

    I started playing with the Kendo DataViz for a mobile "Andon" display on a variety of devices (Android Tablet, Black Berry, IPhone, Windows).

    I was really impressed with how quick I could get a chart to appear on all devices (I spent about an hour, and most of that was reading documentation).  So now, I am looking at my next steps in terms of a general solution, and that is where my questions come in.

    1. What is the time frame for seeing the .Net class wrappers for Kendo so that we can control the Kendo UI/Data Viz elements at the server HTTP GET time?  E.g. if certain conditions occur, can I control the chart being rendered to the client?

    2. Is there a way to aggregate data from a dataSource of type transport?  E.g. Suppose I have a list of orders with customer information and item quantities and prices, could I specify an aggregate by order and customer for total price?  Or, supoose I have a number of workflow task data with start and finish, could I average the expected time to finish?

    (ok, I admit that could write a JSON service to do this for me, but I would rather have the aggregate in the client side processing, so that I don't need to modify my data access layers)

    3. Will Kendo Dataviz support the WebSockets API to get data change events?  If so, how with the API work?

    3. A. What is the best practice for telling a DataViz chart that it should go refresh its data?  E.g. Your data is now 5 minutes old, go get a new data.  I would prefer to do this without requiring the page to make a full round-trip to the web server.

    3. B. Does DataViz support a straight XML stream (Mime: text/xml) to render a chart?  If so, where can I find examples?

    4.  I am given to understand that the Kendo DataViz will only be available in the Ultimate Collection.  For those of us who received the launch-promo license to DataViz and we have Premium Collections, will our licenses and support for Kendo carry over with our subscription renewals?

    Thanks in advance for any insights!
  2. Alexander Valchev
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    Posted 16 May 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Jeff,

    1. The KendoUI wrappers for ASP.NET MVC are scheduled for the Q2 release. For more information about our future DataViz plans you may check the roadmap.

    2. I am not sure what is are the specifications of your scenario, so it would be best to check out the help documentation and our on line demos - they show the available functionality and present a sample code snippets.

    3. Unfortunately this functionality is not supported, but it is possible to be implemented with custom code.

      3A. You could use the method for this task - it will perform Ajax request to fetch the data from the server. Once the data has been changed, the chart will automatically refresh with the new data.

      3B. This scenario is not supported out of the box, but it could be achieved through the dataSource component. An example showing dataSource bound to XML data could be found in the on line demos.

    4. We did send a complimentary Kendo UI DataViz license to all Premium Collection for .NET license holders, however the license expiration date is co-termed with the expiration date of your Premium Collection for .NET. 
      Your Kendo UI DataViz licenses will not be renewed with the renewal of your Premium Collection for .NET licenses. If you would like to receive updates and support for Kendo UI DataViz after 29-Sept- 2012, you will have to renew your licenses. The renewal price for Kendo UI DataViz is $199 per license.

    Alexander Valchev
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