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    I am trying to add a custom button to a RadEditor in Sitecore 6.4.  I have successfully added the button and am now defining the command.  Here is what I have so far (from a previous project):

    RadEditorCommandList["InsertBrightcoveVideo"] = function(commandName, editor, tool) {
        var args = editor.GetDialogParameters(commandName);
        var html = editor.getSelectionHtml();
        var videoid = scItemID;
        var playerid = scItemID;
        var playlistids = scItemID;
        var wmode = "window";
        var bgcolor = "#ffffff";
        var autostart = "false";
        if (html) {
            videoid = getVidQStringVal(html, 'video');
            playerid = getVidQStringVal(html, 'player');
            playlistids = getVidQStringVal(html, 'playlists');
            wmode = getVidQStringVal(html, 'wmode');
            bgcolor = getVidQStringVal(html, 'bgcolor');
            autostart = getVidQStringVal(html, 'autostart');
        scEditor = editor;
            "/sitecore/shell/default.aspx?xmlcontrol=RichText.InsertVideo&la=" + scLanguage + "&video=" + videoid + "&player=" + playerid + "&playlists=" + playlistids + "&selectedText=" + escape(html) + "&wmode=" + wmode + "&bgcolor=" + bgcolor + "&autostart=" + autostart,
            null, //argument
            600, //width
            500, //height
            "Insert Video");

    I am getting a few JavaScript errors.  This first error is caused by the second line of my command.

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'GetDialogParameters'

    Looking in the Client-side API Reference, I don't see the GetDialogParameters method listed, so I commented it out.  The error goes away but I receive another.

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'ShowDialog'

    Strange.  Looking in the API I see that the method does in fact exist.  But if I change the method call from ShowDialog to showDialog the error goes away.  Unfortunately I receive another.

    Uncaught Sys.ArgumentNullException: Sys.ArgumentNullException: Dialog Parameters for the /sitecore/shell/default.aspx?xmlcontrol=RichText.InsertVideo&la=en&video={E114FA72-EC42-43F3-8A1F-99B00541E86A}&player={E114FA72-EC42-43F3-8A1F-99B00541E86A}&playlists={E114FA72-EC42-43F3-8A1F-99B00541E86A}&selectedText=&wmode=window&bgcolor=#ffffff&autostart=false dialog do not exist
    Parameter name: dialogName

    Any ideas as to what could be going wrong?  I'm a little confused as to why I had to change the method call when the docs say it exists.  Is there something wrong with the editor parameter possibly?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Richard
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    If you have not already referenced this, there's a useful Editor/Custom Dialogs demo to help you with your implementation.

    The DialogParametersProvider..::..GetDialogParameters Method  does exist in the Telerik.Web.UI namespace.

    Hope this helps!
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