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    Posted 14 Sep 2011 Link to this post


    I'm basing my question off of the example here:

    The example has this nice and simple javascript function:

    function CallFn()
      var oWnd = GetRadWindowManager().getWindowByName("RadWindow1");

    What I would like is to make the function that gets called a parameter like this (which of course won't work, but that's where you geniuses come in!)

    function CallFn(WindowName,FunctionName)
      var oWnd = GetRadWindowManager().getWindowByName(WindowName);

    Thank you!
  2. Sam Tran
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    Posted 14 Sep 2011 Link to this post

    I have something working that is server side and client side, but I would like to know how to do this right with just javascript.

    Here is what I have in vb:
    Public Shared CallFunctionOnCallingWindowString As String = ""
    Public Sub CallFunctionOnParentPage(ByVal CallingWindowPageName As String, ByVal FunctionName As String, ByVal CloseThisWindow As Boolean)
        Dim s As String = ""
        If CloseThisWindow = True Then
            s = "CloseThisWindow();"
        End If
        Me.CallFunctionOnCallingWindowString = "CallingWindowContent." & FunctionName
        Me.RadAjaxManagerMain.ResponseScripts.Add("CallFunctionOnCallingWindow('" & CallingWindowPageName & "');")
    End Sub

    and this is the client side js:
    function CallFunctionOnCallingWindow(CallingWindowPageName) {
        var oWindow = GetRadWindow();
        var CallingWindow = oWnd.get_windowManager().getWindowByName(CallingWindowPageName);
        var CallingWindowContent = CallingWindow.get_contentFrame().contentWindow;
        <%= Me.CallFunctionOnCallingWindowString %>
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    Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 15 Sep 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Sam,

    Please examine the following thread which discusses the same issue:

    For your convenience I have attached a simple page that achieves this behavior.

    the Telerik team
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