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Issues with PDF export from scheduler

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Aron asked on 11 Aug 2015, 02:51 PM


I'm currently experiencing issues with the Schedulers PDF-export function. It seems that i can not set the ShowHourColumn to invisible properly, making it render the hour column in the pdf export. I do not wish for it to do this. Also, the export creates some sort of mashed together rows at the top of every page (starting at page 2 and onwards). I'm attaching an image to better show the issues that I'm experiencing. 


#1 is the mashed-rows, they contain actual data that needs to be display.


#2 is the hour column, i want to hide it in the export.

 Here's the code for exporting it.

rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PaperSize = SchedulerPaperSize.A4;
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PaperOrientation = SchedulerPaperOrientation.Portrait;
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PageTopMargin = Unit.Parse("20px");
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PageBottomMargin = Unit.Parse("20px");
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PageLeftMargin = Unit.Parse("20px");
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.PageRightMargin = Unit.Parse("20px");
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.FileName = "pdfDocument"
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.Author = "me"
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.Creator = "me"
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.Title = "pdfDocument"
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.OpenInNewWindow = true;
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.StyleSheets = new[] { ResolveClientUrl("~/Styles/TelSchedular.css") };
rdSchedular.ExportSettings.Pdf.AllowPaging = true;
rdSchedular.AgendaView.TimeColumnWidth = 1;
if (rdSchedular.SelectedView == SchedulerViewType.AgendaView)
    var contr = rdSchedular.ShowHoursColumn = false;
    rdSchedular.RowHeight = 200;

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Ivan Danchev
Telerik team
answered on 13 Aug 2015, 03:35 PM

1. We tested the settings you apply to the RadScheduler and found that the issue with some of the rows not being displayed correctly is due to setting both: Top/Bottom margins and RowHeight. We would recommend using them alternatively - either set the margins or the RowHeight property. 

2. Currently there is no property that would allow to hide the Time Column in AgendaView.

Ivan Danchev
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Ivan Danchev
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