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  1. prayag ganoje
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    I am using telerik example given below:

    Here i've used required field validation in step 2 as well. And thats why  Next button on step 1 is not working. If click on the Next button in step 1 then application remains standstill. No operation happens unless and untill all the required values in the step 2 are filled up.

    How to solve this issue? I saw this example once again. In step 3 there is one condition on the check box. But that is not a required field validator. Validation is checked using some Javascript.

    So how to solve this issue? I want to use required field validations in each PanelItem. Also Next buttons are working in each panelItem and should not wait for to fill up data in next PaneIltem. And panels should expand and collapse normally on button click.

  2. Simon Wolters
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    If I get your problem right, you need to set different ValidationGroups for the controls (textboxes and the "next" button) in each step. That way you can for example check if all fields in step 1 are filled and ignore controls in step 2 and 3. 

    As you can see in the telerik example, all controls in step 1 have the validation group "accountValidation" while the checkbox and button in step 3 are in the group "registerGroup". 

    Setting an explicit ValidationGroup should also make the panels ignore your validation rules so that you can always change the active panel. 
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