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Issue clearing RadCombobox databount to Page method
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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
Prava kafle
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Prava kafle asked on 22 Aug 2012, 08:25 PM


I am dynamically adding RadComboBoxes to placeholder and I have a search Button and reset Button.
I am using Page method to data bind  RadComboBox as shown in the link.
On clicking "search" Button,  I collect values from these Comboxes and process the information.
By clicking "Reset" button, I  clear the selection from Comboboxes .

After a post back from "search" button, if I try to reset ComboBoxes, it does not clear the selection from  comboBoxes.
But if "Reset"  button is clicked before any post back to server,   it successfully  clears selection from comboBoxes.

Dynamically Adding Comboxes :
             RadComboBox  radAutoCompleteBox = new RadComboBox();
             radAutoCompleteBox  .ID = f"ACPTBox"+ i;
              radAutoCompleteBox.WebServiceSettings.Method = "GetDataForSearchControl";
              radAutoCompleteBox.WebServiceSettings.Path = "TSearch.aspx";
              radAutoCompleteBox.CssClass = "TSrchCBBox"; 
              radAutoCompleteBox.OnClientItemsRequesting = "autoCompleteRequesting";
              radAutoCompleteBox.Skin = "Office2010Blue";
              radAutoCompleteBox.EnableEmbeddedSkins = true;
              radAutoCompleteBox.EnableViewState = true;
              radAutoCompleteBox.AutoPostBack = false;
              radAutoCompleteBox.AllowCustomText = true;
              radAutoCompleteBox.EnableLoadOnDemand = true;
              radAutoCompleteBox.EnableVirtualScrolling = true;
              radAutoCompleteBox.ShowMoreResultsBox = true;


                  radAutoCompleteBox.ClearSelection(); //THIS DOES NOT WORK
                  radAutoCompleteBox.SelectedIndex = -1;
                  radAutoCompleteBox.Text = "";


Can someone help me in solving this issue?

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Telerik team
answered on 24 Aug 2012, 10:56 AM
Hi Prava,

Thank you for contacting Telerik team.

Attached is a sample page which shows what I have tested locally. As my tests show there seems that the RadComboBox works just as expected. Would you please take a look at it and let me know if there is something I am missing?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

the Telerik team
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Prava kafle
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Telerik team
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