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    Hi Everyone!

    I had a question about the autogenerated source of an image by webresources...

    I have a custom Skin and I'm trying to load by background-image the image that should be in the input..

    But the old skin that was in use before, is not allowing to load this image because it already has a src calling a webresource. I wanted to know a way

    so that this webresources doesn't load so that my css can load the correct image...


    I leave what I see in the code:




    telerik:GridEditCommandColumn ButtonType="ImageButton" UniqueName="EditCommandColumn"
                                        EditText="Editar" CancelText="Cancela" HeaderStyle-Width="15px" ></telerik:GridEditCommandColumn>
                                <EditFormSettings EditColumn-UpdateText="Grabar" EditColumn-CancelText="Cancelar"
                                    EditColumn-EditText="Editar" EditColumn-InsertText="Agregar">
                                    <FormTableItemStyle Wrap="False" Width="100%" HorizontalAlign="Center"></FormTableItemStyle>
                                    <FormCaptionStyle CssClass="EditFormHeader"></FormCaptionStyle>
                                    <FormStyle Width="80%"></FormStyle>
                                    <EditColumn ButtonType="ImageButton" InsertText="Agregar registro" UpdateText="Grabar registro"
                                        UniqueName="EditCommandColumn1" CancelText="Cancelar">



    and in HTML it goes like this:


    <input type="image" name="rgTabla$ctl00$ctl02$ctl03$PerformInsertButton" id="rgTabla_ctl00_ctl02_ctl03_PerformInsertButton" title="Agregar registro" src="/WebResource.axd?d=-LdubnxzpGsEX0PhLR4Nioi-oDbpYooCwOm9x3Fkw1G9S5YMd-2KNwfyIWIWU4cxTCaAhi-faGCTg1_lqbNwR9CmU-W4uj9fSGQPXL9jkzqDtNRR63VoEHu6DD8vG6WcChcK4m4WNj60wyl2Tpg7xQ2&amp;t=636192352887214136" alt="Agregar registro" style="border-width:0px;">



    and my css that is working but is under this image that is loading is the following:


    .RadGrid_HS .rgEditForm [type="image"]#rgTabla_ctl00_ctl02_ctl03_PerformInsertButton{
        width: 18px !important;
        height: 18px !important;
        background-image: url('Common/radActionsSprite.png') !important;
        background-position: -8px -2610px !important;



    Thanks for reading!




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