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    I am an end user of RadEditor.  I am looking at End User Manual for this product (RadEditorAjaxUserManual) that I downloaded from this site.  I am trying to resize an image with the tool via right clicking on image - selecting Set Image Properties - and then adjusting Height and Width of image.  I am trying to Constrain image (adjust proportionally) via clicking on the word "Constain" in my version of the tool.  However, I really do not understand how clicking to lock image aspect works.  And, no elaboration is provided in the user manual.  Even if I lock image aspect, when I close dialog box and re-open, aspect lock is not maintained.  How do I lock permanently; or, until I click Constrain to unlock.  And, how do I adjust image Height - Width?  Do I enter Width - click Contrain - and tool automatically adjusts Height? 

    Also, do you have a more up to date version of User Manual?

    Thank you.
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    Hey Renee,

    No clue on an updated manual, but...  The constrain works to adjust the height and width proportionally, as it should.  When you right click to open the image, it is treated as if it is the first time you are opening the image, so whether or not you constrained on a previous instance of editing the image has no effect on it.  Think of it like this... you have a picture on your desktop.  You pop it open in PhotoShop or Paint.Net (if you're poor like me :D), resize it, save it, and close the program.  Next time you right click to open it, you're opening it as a fresh copy, regardless of how many times you edited it previously.  ImageManager works kinda like that. :)

    As far as working with the constrain, as long as the lock is on, when you edit width the height should adjust automagically, or vise-versa. 
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