i m getting angry telerik

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  1. Selami
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    Dec 2011

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    we buy your component and it is not working without javascript i m very angry telerik...i cannot use your component with javascript we buy your component to use without javascript but every component working with javascript i cannot use radwindow ....
    and never buy telerik component...never!!! i will return to devexpress
    that is not blackmail it is clearly my opinion
  2. Richard
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    I don't believe that Telerik ever claimed anywhere that their controls work without JavaScript.

    It's true that JavaScript is an core component to almost all of their controls. In fact, JavaScript is a core component to almost all of the internet.

    DevEx’s demo page shows that they don’t work without JavaScript either. They don’t even try, instead just displaying screenshots of their controls when JavaScript is turned off in the browser. 
    In my humble opinion, it is unrealistic to expect advanced web controls to work correctly without any client-side scripting.


  3. Selami
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    Dec 2011

    Posted 30 Dec 2011 Link to this post

    thanks for reply
    in that big team and one answer...thanks again...we think to buy this comp. set for coding rapidliy...already it name is
    rad control...and i hate javascript coding ...and really its design is great...but they are not user friendly comp...i understand this if you telerik you must know javascript ...we didnt know that is big mistake....
  4. Jonathan
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    If you hate JavaScript, then the issue is not with Telerik. It appears that you didn't know what AJAX was all about before you bought the Telerik package. What did you think you were buying? RadControls for Winforms? RadControls for Silverlight? RadControls for WP7? Didn't you know that AJAX = Javascript? Your complaint is the equivalent of being angry at the Candy store because you didn't know that candy contains sugar.

    No wonder no one from the Telerik Team responded. They must think you were joking. Perhaps you need to read up on what Rich Internet Application technologies are all about before you complain that you bought the wrong product. As you can see from that link, heavy use of JavaScript is often a requirement, not an option. Therefore the error is your own, not Telerik's. Be angry at yourself.

    Happy Coding
  5. Bruno
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    Posted 03 Jan 2012 Link to this post

    AJAX stands for "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML".
    Given that you are a developer (or so it seems), I just can't imagine
    how you bought something you don't have an idea about.
    The candy store example below says it all.

    Happy New Year
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