I am trying to style individual items in a RadComboBox in EditFormSettings
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Colin asked on 12 Jul 2021, 09:42 PM

Here is my code



<EditFormSettings EditFormType="Template">
      <table id="tblEmployeeDetails" style="width:100%">
         <tr class="EditFormHeader">
            <td colspan="2">
               <b>EMPLOYEE DETAILS</b>
            <td class="labelHeader">Manager Full Name:</td>
               <telerik:RadComboBox RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="rcbManageFullNameEdit" DataSourceID="SQL_Employees" 
                  DataTextField="FULLNAME" DataValueField="IDNUM" Width="200px" AppendDataBoundItems="true" 
                  SelectedValue='<%#Eval("MANAGER_IDNUM")%>' runat="server" OnItemCreated="rcbManageFullNameEdit_itemCreated">
                     <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Text="-- CHOOSE --" Value ="0" />

VB.Net Code

Protected Sub rcbManageFullNameEdit_itemCreated(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RadComboBoxItemEventArgs)
        Dim item As RadComboBoxItem = e.Item
        Dim x = item.Value

        Dim dt1 As DataTable = New DataTable
        dt1 = DAL.spHR_GetManagerList()

        Dim dv1 As DataView = dt1.DefaultView

        For Each row1 As DataRowView In dv1
            If item.Value = row1!IDNUM Then
                item.CssClass = "manager"
            End If
End Sub


My item.Value is always empty.

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Attila Antal
Telerik team
answered on 15 Jul 2021, 04:47 PM

Hi Colin,

The ItemCreated event fires for the ComboItem that was created but it has no data bound to it at that point. That is why the value is empty. 

If you want to access the values, use the ItemDataBound event.

Attila Antal
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Attila Antal
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