How to Load Summary Reports in Rad Grid Control

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        1. Well i need your help like now i had project like dashboard. I'm eagerly to use rad grid controls in project. The required details are given below, if its possible in Rad grid view means please let me know, with sample source code. because I'm newer to ASP.NET AJAX.

    2. Screen would be the separate screen. I already create like below, but now i stopped my work cause of working with new rad grid controls.
     2 i, i had report name text box followed by the search icon. The icon will be pop-up screen it displays relevant fields or report names.

    1. Below the search box and search icon, a grid control should be shows all the connected summaries in adhoc report.  And user can select the new summaries from the Grid Itself with the help of some button like (Select Type in Dashboard).
    2. Also the adhoc summary had description text area. (Whenever the user wants to remain the summary name.) Free form of text.
    3. Same as like Dashboard adhoc summary report should be a dropdown with Variable, Breakdowns, and Matrix elements.
    4. Each and every dropdown elements should have the corresponding actions like when the user clicks the variable SETUP ICON, ROW and COLUMN cells next to the active cell should be disabled. When the user clicks the Breakdown/Matrix icon the SETUP icon should be activated and a popup screen will appear that allows the user to create the breakdown or the matrix. Once the setup is created, and control is returned to this grid.
      1. Breakdown and Matrix  elements are looks like based upon three types are, Breakdown name(DD) – Template Name (DD) – Percentage ( Textbox)
      2. Each and every DD will be displayed the name phrase like Custom.
      3. ASAP the template names should be shows in two column table. First column displays the detailed report of template and another one will be the empty.

    1. Adhoc reports allows the user to delete the summary list is generated. And allow the user to add more than one template name in single row.

    (Make it Confidential)

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Please refer to the previous forum thread you have posted:

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team
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