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    I need to extend a project that has been developed with radcontrols for ajax Q3 2009. The customer has explicitly asked for a page with data displayed as a tree structure with the following requirments : I'll have to query the db, group records by year, quarter,department and "complaint code". Therefore i have to dinamically build the tree  adding a year root node for each distinct year ,  1-4 quarter subnode below each year, 1-n department below each quarter and 1-m "complaint code" below each department. Moreover i'd like to display data on demand, since i fear, in the long term, the building and load of the tree might become very cumbersome. Another feature i've to add is displaying richest infos about the complaint , i mean every complaint code has some additional details that the user want to see at first glance; i was thinking to use node templates , embedding a grid or something else into nodes .   

    The first question is : am i putting myself into troubles or the above is a reasonable solution to my requirements ?

    Next , i've searched around a bit but i'm not finding much and i've some problems in figuring out how to put togheter all the features described above, can someone direct me to some tutorial, documentation or give any hint about which is the best way to accomplish it please?

    thank you in advance for any help
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    Nikolay Tsenkov
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    Hello stefano,

    I think this is achievable.
    You can place the TreeView inside an AjaxPanel and then use ServerSide ExpandMode in order to Load nodes On Demand and still have the ability to template them.

    Here is a nice article on ServerSide ExpandMode type of Load On Demand:

    Here is a nice article on dynamically adding templates during run-time in RadTreeView:

    Nikolay Tsenkov
    the Telerik team

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