How to create an Oracle data source?

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    I installed latest version of Reporting and trying to create a report based on an Oracle table.
    Can you please provide instructions about how connect to the Oracle database?

    I see the following screen in the connection wizard:
    I need to connect to 
    server: OTNE25
    database: BTUDEV
    user: NTHOMAS

    Where do I enter this information on the screen below?
    In order to connect to Oracle I need to provide three pieces on information, i.e. server, schema and user name. There is no "schema" box on this screen.

    Maybe it relies on TNSNAMES.ORA that I have in my Oracle Client folder? I have an entry in this file that describes the connection but how to use it?

    Please advise.

  2. Stef
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    Hi M.R.,

    This is our reply in your support ticket on the same question:
       Please try to configure the SqlDataSource component to use a different data provider:
        Add a new SqlDataSource component to the report.
        Click on the "Specify a new connection string" option.
        Choose "OracleClient Data Provider" from the dropdown and click "Build...".
        In the "Connection Properties" window click "Change...".
        In the "Change Data Source" window select ".NET Framework Data Provider for OLE DB" from the Data provider dropdown and click OK.
        Now configure your connection properties as usual.
    Try the above and if you have any issues with the connection string builder you can specify the connection string manually. For more information on the Oracle connection string format you follow the Oracle connection strings page.

    If you need any further help, please let us continue the discussion in the support ticket, so we can avoid splitting information between threads.


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    Posted 02 Jan 2018 in reply to Stef Link to this post

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