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How to change the ColumnSeries Name programatically
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Tim asked on 29 May 2013, 02:33 PM
Since i cannot do the below
<telerik:ColumnSeries Name='<%# Master.GetTranslation("Choice1")%>' DataFieldY="RiskChoice1">

Parser Error Message: Databinding expressions are only supported on objects that have a DataBinding event. Telerik.Web.UI.ColumnSeries does not have a DataBinding event.

I'm wondering how I can do this from the code behind, here's how i'm currently building the Chart
Private Sub DoChart4(ByVal Assessment As List(Of ExtendedRiskAssessment))
    Dim myDS As DataSet = GetData(Assessment)
    TopRiskFactors.ChartTitle.Text = Master.GetTranslation("ChartRiskFactors").ToString
    TopRiskFactors.ChartTitle.Appearance.TextStyle.Bold = True
    TopRiskFactors.PlotArea.XAxis.TitleAppearance.TextStyle.Bold = True
    TopRiskFactors.PlotArea.YAxis.TitleAppearance.TextStyle.Bold = True
    TopRiskFactors.PlotArea.XAxis.TitleAppearance.Text = Master.GetTranslation("RiskFactors").ToString
    TopRiskFactors.PlotArea.YAxis.TitleAppearance.Text = Master.GetTranslation("RiskChoices").ToString
    TopRiskFactors.DataSource = myDS
    'Setting pragmatically the XAxis values
    TopRiskFactors.PlotArea.XAxis.DataLabelsField = "Name"
End Sub
Private Function GetData(ByVal Assessment As List(Of ExtendedRiskAssessment)) As DataSet
    Dim ds As New DataSet("Risk")
    Dim dt As New DataTable("RiskFactors")
    dt.Columns.Add("Id", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    dt.Columns.Add("Name", Type.[GetType]("System.String"))
    dt.Columns.Add("RiskChoice1", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    dt.Columns.Add("RiskChoice2", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    dt.Columns.Add("RiskChoice3", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    dt.Columns.Add("RiskChoice4", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    dt.Columns.Add("RiskChoice5", Type.[GetType]("System.Int32"))
    Dim Choices As countRiskChoice = Risk.Item(1)
    dt.Rows.Add(1, Master.GetTranslation("AgreementMateriality").ToString, returnCount(Choices).Count1, returnCount(Choices).Count2, returnCount(Choices).Count3, returnCount(Choices).Count4, returnCount(Choices).Count5)

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Stamo Gochev
Telerik team
answered on 03 Jun 2013, 12:44 PM
Hi Tim,

The RadHtmlChart doesn't support evaluating such data bind expressions (setting the name of the ColumnSeries by assigning a value from a data source). That is why you get the error on the line
<telerik:ColumnSeries Name='<%# Master.GetTranslation("Choice1")%>' DataFieldY="RiskChoice1">

as the ColumnSeries doesn't have a data binding handler for this scenario.

What you could do in this case is to set the name of the ColumnSeries from the code-behind. The following example shows this by using a separate function for this purpose:
Dim column As New ColumnSeries()
'set the name
column.Name = GetSeriesName()
column.DataFieldY = "value"
'data binding
ColumnChart.DataSource = GetData()

You could replace the GetSeriesName() function with the one you like. I also attach a sample page with the full example, so that you could test it.

Stamo Gochev
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