How to access dynamically created UserControls in dynamically created Docks

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    I'm working on a Dock project pretty much based on the My Portal demo. I'm creating different docks containing different UserControls (for example textboxes, radiobuttonlists). The same type of usercontrol docks can be created multiple times, but my problem has to do with accessing the usercontrol docks on a button event in code behind.

    Example of how I want it to work
    - I create 3 docks all based on a usercontrol containing a simple textbox,
    - Put text in the three textboxes (all in different docks)
    - Click Save Button
    - Get access to the different textboxes in my codebehind file.

    The problem right now is that I can't get hold of the values in the dynamically created docks.

    Thanks / Fredrik
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    Hello Fredrik,

    The easiest way to get the textbox values in the code behind is by finding the respective textbox controls. Firstly you should get a reference to the dock's user control, and for this task you need to set ID to it. After we have a reference to the user control, we can use its FindControl method to get a reference to any control in the UserControl.
    I have modified the MyPortal demo to show this behavior. It is attached to the thread. When running it add the ExchangeRates Widget and then press the "Save" button.

    the Telerik team

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  3. Fredrik
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    Works fine now! Thanks!
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