How much actual code in controls like RadGrid?

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    Posted 22 Dec 2013 Link to this post

    I have a client who asked a question about how many lines of code in several controls that are used in their application.

    Knowing full well that LOC (lines of code) can be completely misleading, is there any kind of quotable metric for RadGrid and RadPanelBer?

    I have suggested that the answer is "oodles of code" but they think I'm making that up <g>

  2. Vasil
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    Hello Tomica,

    Could you explain in more details what you mean, because I am not sure that I understand your question completely?

    Q:Is your client asking about the HTML that renders in your page by the grid?
    A: Depends on the data that is populated in the grid. If the data is significant, it would be more than the structure of the grid.

    Q: Or is it how many code should be written by the client to configure it?
    A: If the requierments are sample, several lines of markup would be enough to configure it.

    Q: If it is about the client scripts that are load:
    A: Depends on exact configuration, but you can run your page, and examine the JavaScript output, it is minified to be as light as possible, in order to send to the browser low data. From several to hundred probably of kilobytes, depending on the configuration and controls that are used. But, again, your question is too general, and I could not answer.

    Q: Or is it how many is the actual source code of the grid that we compile?
    A: I could not say exactly, but it is megabytes of source: hundreds of thousands of lines.

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  3. Tomica
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    Posted 27 Dec 2013 Link to this post


    I phrased my question as openly as possible as I was not really sure what I should be asking.

    It looks like you anticipated all of the variations and your answer is extremely helpful.

    The client can benefit from each, and on the technical level, I will dig into the actual code delivered in the page as delivered to  the browser in hopes of deeper understanding of the benefits Telerik adds to my programming efforts.

    In terms of client satisfaction, this allow me to quantify the reduction in procedural code, in favor of declarative controls like the grid and panel bars.

    While they may think it counterintuitive to reduce LOC (lines of code) the long term benefits for maintainability should be evident within the next year.

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