How do I fill an area defined by a ScatterPointSeries on a RadCartesianChart?

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    I have a series of points that I am drawing on a RadCartesianChart.  These points form a shape that is significant in our application, and somewhat approximates an ellipse.  I need to draw a border (simply following the set of points) around it using simple lines, and then fill the area with shading or, preferably, a crosshatch patter.  Is this possible?  If so, can someone point me to some documentation and/or guide me through the process of making it happen?



  2. Martin Ivanov
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    Hi Brad,

    Instead of ScatterPointSeries you can check if the RangeSeries will work for your scenario. The series work with range data - each data point has a category, high and low values. So, you can use it to define the area between the data points. You can use its Stroke and StrokeThicknes properties to set the border of the area (the lines between the data points). However, the RangeSeries is a categorical series and you will need to plot with a categorical axis. 

    If you insist using scatter series you will need to implement custom logic that draws the area between the scatter points. For example, you can use a custom annotation and based on the plotted data create a Path with the area and assign it as Content of the annotation. Another approach is to use a Canvas placed over the chart and draw the custom Path there.

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