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    I have an aspx page with a Splitter control.I have Sliding panels on the left and right hand side. The right hand side one is either hidden or shown dependant on a value in a hidden field. This works fine. I also want to hide/show some of the tabs also dependant on the value in a hidden field. My code is...

    if (parseInt($('#hd_AC').val()) <= 10) {
                } else if (parseInt($('#hd_AC').val()) == 20) {
                    alert("Read-Only with Internal Personnel");
                } else if (parseInt($('#hd_AC').val()) >= 60) {
                    alert("HR - Admin View");
                } else {
                    alert("Access not recognised");
    This code is run in the window.load() function. As I said the Radsplitbar2.hide() and EndPane.hide() when hd_AC.val()==10 works fine. When I test with hd_AC.val() ==20 then I get a javascript runtime error @  $('#RadSlidingPane_IP').showTab(); with an error message Object does not support this property or method. What have I done wrong?
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    Marin Bratanov
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    Hello Mych,

    I would like to first ask that you use the most relevant forum, since you have issues with the RadSplitter control its forums would have been more appropriate than the RadSlider control forums.

    On the issue itself - you need to use the public API of our controls instead of jQuery to modify them:

    The following article explains how to get that reference:
    Note how the $find() method from the MS AJAX framework is used.

    What is also important is that these references are not available until the Sys.Application.Load event, a shortcut to which is the function with name pageLoad. You can also use the Sys.Application.add_load(fnName) and Sys.Application.remove_load(fnName) methods to attach/detach handlers to this event.

    Marin Bratanov
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