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  1. Robert
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    I want to create a simple slider that would otherwise take the place of a vertical scrollbar and would show up only when a text string is too large to fit into a specifically sized div.

    I can do this easily enough with CSS as such:

    <div class="text" style="width:200px;height:100px;overflow:auto;" >
    <p>An error message is a message displayed when, etc. etc.<p>

    When the text string is longer than what will fit inside a 200x100 box a slider appears and allows the user to see the remainder of the text by scrolling down.

    Basically all I want to do is replace the default scroll bar with something that looks better.

    I looked at the live example ( but I'm having trouble understanding the sample code provided at the bottom of the page. My experience is heavy in design, XHTML markup, and CSS but light in programming, do I need a developer to help me with this or is there something specific I should read up on that can help me understand how to implement this?

  2. Tsvetie
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    Hi Robert,
    Basically, you can easily use the implementation in the online demo for a specific area on your page, but it would be difficult to replace all your scrollbars with a RadSlider.

    The idea behind the implementation is the following:
    1. You have a DIV element that holds your content - text in the example. This DIV element should have position - absolute in the example, and top and left set to 0 for the initial view. The idea behind the scrolling in this example is that you change the value of the top/left CSS property.
    2. You have a DIV element that plays the role of a viewport by wrapping the DIV with the content. This DIV should have width and height and overflow:hidden as its content should not stretch it.
    3. You have a RadSlider. When the value of the RadSlider changes, you calculate the new top/left for the content DIV and set it to the DIV: = initialValue2 + 'px' = initialValue + 'px'

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  3. Robert
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    Hi Tsvetie,

    Thank you for the reply.

    We're only looking to replace one scroll bar that appears in a message box therefore eliminating the need to have a huge message box covering the whole screen when the message is long.

    This should work, thank you!

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