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    Posted 08 Mar 2012 Link to this post

    I'm looking at the online documentation for the scheduler and it looks like it is yet to be updated with the recent changes in the 2012 version that was released recently.

    I'm trying to understand how the Time Zone stuff works with the scheduler.

    If I am in EST zone, and I set the control to the EST Id, and I create a schedule that should start at 9am EST,
    Should the recurrence rule contain the time 9am EST? 
    Because the scheduler time zone and the chosen appointment time zone are the same, I would think the timestamps in the recurrence rule wouldn't need to change.

    Is there any dependence on the server time that is hosting the scheduler web page?

    Just wondering if someone could explain to me the thinking behind the time zone Ids in the scheduler control and the appointment objects and how they relate to one another.

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    Posted 08 Mar 2012 Link to this post

    just looking over the time zone example on your site,
    there's some aspect I find confusing

    I set my active scheduler time to Eastern Standard US & Canada
    and create an appointment to start at 8am in Eastern Standard time
    It shows the appointment at the 8am time slot; which makes sense so far

    When I change the active time zone to UTC Reykjavik
    The appointment moves to 1pm
    8am EST is equivalent to UTC 1pm so this also makes sense

    When I open the dialog to see the appointment details,  it looks like it tells me the appointment will fire 1pm EST 
    since the time zone drop down remains set to EST which is what the user created the appointment with.

    If I change the appointment time zone, the appointment stays where it is
    So if my active time zone is now UTC and I change my now 1pm schedule to CST, the appointment stays at 1pm
    So not sure what the timezones mean anymore at this point
    Is the UI telling me the appointment will fire at 1pm UTC or 1pm CST?

    Seems the user needs to be aware that the appointment will occur at 1pm according to their active time (currently UTC in my example) and that the time zone drop down only indicates what value was used to create it...
    And the timezone offset of the timezone set to the appointment is used to move the UI appointment based on the current active time....
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