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GridView performance problem

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Pablo asked on 11 Oct 2016, 11:58 AM
Dear team,
we have a problem with RadGridView performance. He have the following scenario:
- We request data to server and it returns 44 rows into a list.
- We bind this list to a RadGridView with 8 columns. 
Some remarks:
- One column is a template column with a checkbox.
- We have a style for the gridview and gridview rows.
- We have auto with for these columns.

This process takes 1.615s. The 30% was spent by the server and the 70% by gridview. We don't know how to solve this problem. We have done the following tests:
- We have removed all styles and template column.
- Removing one column we gain a 6,8%.
- Removing 2 columns we gain a 16,1%, etc.
- Having only one column we gain 54,64%! It means that rendering speed depends on number of columns?
- Fixing columns width we can gain a 10%, 0,2s.
- Replacing this grid by a WPF grid we gain a 42%, 0,6s. This means that WPF standard grid is faster that RadGridView?

We hope you can help us.
Thank you in advance.

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Telerik team
answered on 13 Oct 2016, 02:16 PM
Hi Pablo,

In general, all recommendations for optimizing the performance of the control are listed in the Tips and Tricks and the Degraded Performance topics. Can you please check them out?

As to the comparison with the standard MS DataGrid. RadGridView provides wider range of functionalities and has more complex UI layer. It would be expected in some scenarios to be slower. However, the suggestions from the aforementioned articles should be enough for tweaking the overall performance of your application.

I hope this clarifies your concerns.

Best Regards,
Stefan X1
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