Grid problemos: client select column and visibility/sizing

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    How are you folks doing?

    I'm having some grid issues.

    I've removed my comments about the client select column since the problems there are because I'm doing my binding client-side. From what I understand a great deal of functionality is still missing from the the client-side grid.

    My UI calls for one of my grids to be hidden on page load. The grid is contained in a table and the row that holds the grid gets a style: none when the page loads. When a user action changes the row visibility and the grid is shown, the grid div is the proper size but the master table is scrunched/compressed/squeezed to the top of the div. In IE I see a little tiny scroll. Also IE will correct the sizing nicely I perform some more tabbing actions that hide said grid then show it again.
    None of that is true in Firefox.
    Has anyone else had to hide and show a grid on their page and came across this? Are there any workarounds?
    Is there an alternative simpler telerik control I can use for this? Like a telerik list box or something?

    Hope someone can offer some advice. Thanks!
  2. towpse
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    Posted 04 Feb 2009 Link to this post

    Ah neverrmind about the client select column.
    I'm having those probs because I'm doing everything client-side and there's not a hecuva lot of support for client-side grid functionality.

    If anyone can offer some help on the grid sizing issue though, by all means feel free.

  3. Dimo
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    Hi Matt,

    When RadGrid is used with static headers enabled, it needs to make some layout adjustments on the client. However, these can only be made when the control is NOT inside a container with a display:none style.

    The workaround is to obtain a reference to the RadGrid client object as soon as the control becomes visible and call the repaint() method to the instance:


    var grid = $find("<%= RadGrid1.ClientID %<>");

    Do not forget to wrap the <scrpt> tag inside a telerik:RadCodeBlock.

    the Telerik team

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