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    Posted 01 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    I have a line graph and at each point on the line graph i would like marker to be displayed next to the value. Not only that but is it also possible to have a custom marker?


    Simon Allport
      <telerik:RadChart ID="rcDesignCapabilities1" runat="server" DefaultType="Line" 
                AutoLayout="True" AutoTextWrap="True" SeriesOrientation="Horizontal">
                <FillStyle MainColor="White">
                <Border Visible="False" Color="white" />
    <telerik:ChartSeries Name="Series 1" Type="Line">
            <FillStyle MainColor="150, 150, 150" SecondColor="194, 194, 194">
            <Border Color="white" />
    <telerik:ChartSeries Name="Series 2" Type="Line">
            <FillStyle MainColor="white" SecondColor="241, 241, 241">
            <Border Color="white" />
    <Legend Visible="False">
    <Appearance Dimensions-Margins="18%, 1%, 1px, 1px" Visible="False">
    <Border Color="white"></Border>
                <XAxis VisibleValues="Positive" IsZeroBased="False" AutoScale="False" 
                    AutoShrink="False" MaxItemsCount="7" MaxValue="5" MinValue="1" Step="1">
                    <Appearance Color="Silver" MajorTick-Color="Silver">
    <MajorGridLines Color="Silver"></MajorGridLines>
                        <Appearance RotationAngle="270">
                        <telerik:ChartAxisItem Value="1">
                        <telerik:ChartAxisItem Value="2">
                        <telerik:ChartAxisItem Value="3">
                        <telerik:ChartAxisItem Value="4">
                        <telerik:ChartAxisItem Value="5">
                <YAxis MaxItemsCount="5" AxisMode="Extended" IsLogarithmic="True" 
                    IsZeroBased="False" LogarithmBase="5" Visible="True" 
    <Appearance Color="Silver" MajorTick-Color="Silver" MinorTick-Color="Silver">
    <MajorGridLines Color="Silver"></MajorGridLines>
        <MinorGridLines Color="224, 224, 224" />
                        <Appearance RotationAngle="0">
                        <Marker Visible="True">
    <Appearance RotationAngle="0"></Appearance>
    <Appearance Dimensions-Margins="18%, 22%, 12%, 10%">
    <FillStyle MainColor="White" FillType="Solid" SecondColor="White"></FillStyle>
    <Border Color="white" Visible="False"></Border>
    <ChartTitle Visible="False">
    <Appearance Position-AlignedPosition="Top" Visible="False">
    <Appearance TextProperties-Color="Gray" Border-Visible="False">
    <Border Visible="False"></Border>
    public DataTable DesignCapabilities_1(DataTable ReportTable)
                DataTable cap1dt = new DataTable();
                foreach (DataRow dr in ReportTable.Rows)
                    object[] row1 = new object[4];
                    row1[0] = "2";
                    row1[1] = "Sample Average";
                    row1[2] = "Technical Design";
                    row1[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["AvgTechnicalDesignCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row2 = new object[4];
                    row1[0] = "2";
                    row2[1] = "Your Company";
                    row2[2] = "Technical Design";
                    row2[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["TechnicalDesignCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row3 = new object[4];
                    row3[0] = "2";
                    row3[1] = "Sample Average";
                    row3[2] = "User Focused";
                    row3[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["sumUserDesignCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row4 = new object[4];
                    row4[0] = "2";
                    row4[1] = "Your Company";
                    row4[2] = "User Focused";
                    row4[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["UserDesignCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row5 = new object[4];
                    row5[0] = "2";
                    row5[1] = "Sample Average";
                    row5[2] = "Promotional";
                    row5[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["AvgPromotionalIdentityCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row6 = new object[4];
                    row6[0] = "2";
                    row6[1] = "Your Company";
                    row6[2] = "Promotional";
                    row6[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["PromotionalIdentityCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row7 = new object[4];
                    row7[0] = "2";
                    row7[1] = "Sample Average";
                    row7[2] = "Strategic";
                    row7[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["AvgStrategicCapabilityScore"].ToString()),2);
                    object[] row8 = new object[4];
                    row8[0] = "2";
                    row8[1] = "Your Company";
                    row8[2] = "Strategic";
                    row8[3] = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(dr["StrategicCapabilityScore"].ToString()), 2);
                return cap1dt;
            } rep = new;
              radchart1.DataSource = rep.DesignCapabilities_1(dt);
              radchart1.DataGroupColumn = "Name";
              radchart1.PlotArea.XAxis.DataLabelsColumn = "Type";
              radchart1.PlotArea.YAxis.MaxValue = 0;
  2. Vladimir Milev
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    Posted 04 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Simon Allport,

    Here are some resources which explain how to have custom point markers:

    Vladimir Milev
    the Telerik team
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