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    I have a page which opens a radwindow and this page in radwindow further opens another radwindow recursively inside one another.

    Now after navigating to the multiple level I need the name/path of the Parent page which caused the sequential load of windows.

    The use of sending the data between parent/child will not work as some of the calls are made using static href links.

    Also is there any way of restricting the number of windows that can be opened inside each other recursively?
  2. Georgi Tunev
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    Hello Ajay,

    I am not quite sure what exactly do you mean by "The use of sending the data between parent/child will not work as some of the calls are made using static href links.", but the functionality that you are looking for, can easily be achieved with some JavaScript.
    The main points in such approach are:
    1. In JavaScript, you could always get a reference to the topmost page (i.e. the one directly opened in the browser), by using the top property. You can use this fact, to build the logic that will limit the total number of RadWindows that can be opened.
    2. While inside a content page that is shown in a RadWIndow, you can get a reference to that RadWindow, by using the GetRadWindow() function. Once you have access to the RadWIndow object, you can get the parent page as well, by using the BrowserWIndow property from RadWindow's API. From this point on, just get the location.href property of the parent window, and you'll get its Url
    function checkParent()
        var oWnd = GetRadWindow();
        var parentPage = oWnd.BrowserWindow;

    I created a simple demo that you can use as a base for your implementation. In it, I limit the maximum number of opened RadWindows to 5 and I get the parent page's Url by using the function shown above.
    Please check the demo's code for more details.

    Kind regards,
    Georgi Tunev
    the Telerik team

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