Get Combobox to Refresh inside ToolTip

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    I have a Radlistbox that I add items to manually, then I have a tooltip that contains the same items in a combobox. 

    Once I add the item to the Radlist box and popup the tooltip it does not contain the newly added items.  How can I get the combobox in the tooltip to refresh?  I tried a databind on the combobox in the tooltip init and load and it only fires on the page load not when the actually tooltip is initiated.  I even tried a databind of the combo boxes after adding the item in the radlistbox and nothing.  the radlistbox is updating and rebinding correctly but the comboboxes are not?  I am guessing its because they are in a tooltip.  All of these controls are inside an radajaxpanel. 

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    ETA: Nevermind figured out I can do a databind in ItemsRequested.
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