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  1. Mark
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    Posted 31 Aug 2016 Link to this post

    I'm currently in a heavy need of the GanttView control, but having some minor & major problems.

    Major Problem

    See Picture Bug_1 -> Bug_2

    In Bug1 you see how the control initializes with the columns packed together very close and behind the GanttView. On Bug2 you see what happens, as soon as i use the horizontal scrollbar beneath the columns. Is there any real workaround for this behavior?

    Minor Problem

    See Picture Problem_Splitter and Spacing

    1) The orange highlighted Splitter. How can I access this and set it to a specific size? (I need to adjust the splitter so, table view and chart view are both exactly 50% regardless of width of window)

    2) The green highlighted Space. This is a space the control uses because of HorizontalAlignment="stretch" but not really. I want the GanttView to behave as every other control when on Stretch mode -> use the whole space available. Any solution/workaround for this?




  2. Mark
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    Aug 2016

    Posted 31 Aug 2016 in reply to Mark Link to this post

    As addition to Major Problem Bug, Picture 2 (Bug_2) Is what I want it to be and Bug_1 is what it is at initial launch.

    The RadGanttView sits on a Grid->Page->Frame->DockPanel->Grid->Window

  3. Polya
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    Posted 02 Sep 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Mark,

    Regarding the first question about the width of the GridPart of the RadGanttView - We are aware of this problem in the current version of the RadGanttView control. You can follow the status of the issue in our feedback portal

    As a workaround I suggest forcing this remeasure by changing the scrollbar's value when the RadGanttView is loaded. I've prepared a sample project demonstrating this approach. Please find it attached.

    Regarding the second question - We are aware of this behavior and so far the TimeRuller does not support auto sizing. We have a feature request logged in our feedback portal. You can track its status and vote for it here:

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