FullRow mode should not have a "current" cell

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    I think I saw a thread on this, but it was very old, like 2011, so I'm bringing it back up.

    The whole point of a "Full Row" selection mode is to select a full row. Not a cell. I know, you highlight the whole row. But there's still a box around a "current cell". As well, keyboard navigation is whacked now. Using the left/right arrow keys should either do nothing, or better yet move the selection row by row. What happens now is that this "current cell" box moves with the left/right arrow keys. Not fun in a grid with 30 columns :( Extended selection mode is also problematic if you are holding down the Shift key and accidentally press a left/right arrow key.

    Can we make SelectionUnit=FullRow actually be "Full Row"?

    (I've also got EditTriggers set to None, so I have no plans on making any cell editable, in case you were wondering.)



  2. PaulR
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    Posted 07 Jul 2016 in reply to PaulR Link to this post

    Seems the Microsoft DataGrid does the same thing :(

    I guess nevermind. I'll just forage through the system, override a bunch of methods...

  3. Maya
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    Hello Paul,

    The thing is that current cell/current item and the selected one have different target and meaning. CurrentCell gives information about the cell that currently has the focus. You can directly start editing it or navigate from it. CurrentItem is the one that holds the item that has the focus and if synchronized with the collection view, which item is set to be the CurrentItem of the collection. 
    SelectedItem, on the other hand, is not directly related to the collection view or the focus. It is the one being visually selected and set to SelectedItem property of the grid or a part of the SelectedItems collection.
    More information can be found in the "Programmatic Selection" article.

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