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FormDecorator with Formview and Bounded Checkbox

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Gianluca asked on 02 Oct 2013, 12:40 PM
I'm using formdecorator for a formview and in ItemTemplate I user a checkbox and this is bounded with data.But it isnt checked if th DB value it's true...if I exclude checkbox to formdecorator the value is checked correctly.
Any help?

Sample code:

<telerik:RadFormDecorator ID="FormDecorator1" runat="server" 
            EnableRoundedCorners="true" Width="100%"  Skin="CustomSkin"
            DecoratedControls="All" DecorationZoneID="decoratedzone"  
            RenderMode="Lightweight" ></telerik:RadFormDecorator>

<div id="decoratedzone">

<asp:FormView runat="server" RenderOuterTable="true" ID="frvEmployees" 
        BorderStyle="None" BackColor="#F1F1F1"
        DataKeyNames="ID" DefaultMode="ReadOnly" 
        DataSourceID="sds" Width="100%" >
<asp:CheckBox ID="chk" Enabled="false" Checked='<%#Eval("CheckValue")%>' runat="server" /> 


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Telerik team
answered on 07 Oct 2013, 11:37 AM
Hello Gianluca,

I tested the provided sample locally with one of the built-in skins, but to no avail, as you can check in the linked screen capture. I have also attached my sample page for a reference.

It appears that you are using a custom skin for the RadFormDecorator and it is possible that the problem is related to it, however I cannot determine this without examining the custom skin. Note that the property EnableEmbeddedSkins of the form decorator needs to be set to false, when enabling custom skins. You can find this information and the full steps for creating such a skin in this help article.

There is one difference, since you are using the lightweight rendering of the control. The modified files of the custom skin should be based on one of the Lite skins, for example GlowLite, which is available in the following directory in your RadControls installation: Skins\GlowLite\FormDecorator.Glow.css.

If you are still having difficulties after examining the information above, please send a fully runnable sample that isolates the issue so that I can examine it locally and provide a more to the point answer.

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