Fluent Mapping with FetchPlans is escaping me (Can't load data into radGridView)

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    I'm having a fair bit of trouble trying to get a binding to work between a Data Access Fluent mapped class using the FetchPlans approach.

    I had a previously working RadDataGrid working based on an ObservableCollection, which I manually populated, as you would expect. Now I'm converting the app over to Data Access and I'm stumbling. I have the following code that creates the Fetch Strategy and if I look at the log it does generate the output I would expect from the foreach loops.

    Telerik.OpenAccess.FetchOptimization.FetchStrategy fetchStrategy = new Telerik.OpenAccess.FetchOptimization.FetchStrategy();
    fetchStrategy.LoadWith<SessionData>(ses => ses.sesAPISource);
    fetchStrategy.LoadWith<LapData>(lap => lap.mapSessionIdLap);
    fetchStrategy.LoadWith<TelemetryData>(tel => tel.mapLapIdTelemetry);
    simData.sessionQueryable = from c in simData.fluentModelContext.fluentSessions
            where c.sesAPISource == "MEMAPI"
            select c;
    //test the iteration through the dataset
    foreach (SessionData thesessions in simData.sessionQueryable)
        logger.Trace("Session: " + thesessions.sesTime);
        foreach (LapData thelaps in thesessions.sesLapData)
            logger.Trace("Lap: " + thelaps.ltLapNumber);
            int i = 0;
            foreach (TelemetryData thetel in thelaps.ltTelemetryData)
                logger.Trace("Tel: " + thetel.telCurrentTime);
                if (i > 20)
                    break; //there is a lot of them

    Previously I had a datasource binding set to {Binding simData.sessionsList} and an itemssource to {Binding}, which worked fine. When I tried accessing the data directly with this: "simData.fluentModelContext.fluentSessions.ToList();" and bound the datasource to {Binding simData.fluentModelContext} and the itemssource to {Binding fluentSessions} that also worked, although the associations didn't, as you may expect.

    But I can't seem to get the bindings correct to work with the queryable, which I have declared like this:

    private IQueryable<SessionData> sessionqueryable;
    public IQueryable<SessionData> sessionQueryable
        get { return sessionqueryable; }
        set { if (sessionqueryable == value) return; SetProperty(ref sessionqueryable, value); }

    I'm fairly sure I've tried all kinds of datasource and itemssource binding combinations, but I just cannot figure out where I've gone wrong. I've tried for about 4 hours or so now and I've just stumped.

    Does anyone have any idea of where I've strayed off the path?
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    Posted 09 Dec 2014 Link to this post


    I can suggest you checking the FetchStrategy Class documentation. In case you have further questions, please post them in the respective Data Access forum.


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