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Float Layout Style Border

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GDPR_erased asked on 28 Jan 2014, 11:11 AM
I'm still having trouble figuring out how to manage the style for the listview control.
I'm using the built in float layout, but I want to REMOVE the box border. Could someone give me a little help?
See image, but I'm building a list of gauges and I want a clean look without the borders. I have read thru all the examples, but sill cannot over ride the style.
Thanks anyone!

<telerik:RadListView ID="radlvGuages" runat="server" ItemPlaceholderID="ProductItemContainer" Width="100%" AllowPaging="true" PageSize="12">
        <div class="RadListView RadListViewFloated RadListView_Default">
            <div class="rlvFloated">
                <div id="ProductItemContainer" runat="server">
        <br />
        <div style="clear: both">
            <div style="float: left; margin-left: 20%;">
                <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnFirst" CommandName="Page" CommandArgument="First"
                    Text="First" Enabled="<%#Container.CurrentPageIndex > 0 %>"></asp:Button>
                <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnPrev" CommandName="Page" CommandArgument="Prev"
                    Text="Prev" Enabled="<%#Container.CurrentPageIndex > 0 %>"></asp:Button>
                <span style="vertical-align: middle; line-height: 22px; display: inline-block;">Page
                                        <%#Container.CurrentPageIndex + 1 %>
                                        <%#Container.PageCount %></span>
                <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnNext" CommandName="Page" CommandArgument="Next"
                    Text="Next" Enabled="<%#Container.CurrentPageIndex + 1 < Container.PageCount %>"></asp:Button>
                <asp:Button runat="server" ID="btnLast" CommandName="Page" CommandArgument="Last"
                    Text="Last" Enabled="<%#Container.CurrentPageIndex + 1 < Container.PageCount %>"></asp:Button>
                <span style="vertical-align: middle; font-weight: bold; line-height: 22px; padding-left: 5px;">Page Size:</span>
                <telerik:RadComboBox runat="server" ID="cmbPageSize" OnSelectedIndexChanged="cmbPageSize_SelectedIndexChanged"
                    AutoPostBack="true" Width="60px" SelectedValue="<%#Container.PageSize %>">
                        <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Text="6" Value="6"></telerik:RadComboBoxItem>
                        <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Text="12" Value="12"></telerik:RadComboBoxItem>
                        <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Text="24" Value="24"></telerik:RadComboBoxItem>
                        <telerik:RadComboBoxItem Text="36" Value="36"></telerik:RadComboBoxItem>
        <div class="rlvI">
            <table style="width: 100%;">
                    <td style="text-align: center; font-size: x-small;">
                        <telerik:RadRadialGauge runat="server" ID="radGuageDash" Width="150px" Height="150px">
                                <Cap Size="0.12" />
                            <Scale Min="0" Max="200" MajorUnit="50">
                                <Labels Position="Inside" Visible="False" />
                                    <telerik:GaugeRange Color="#c20000" From="0" To="50" />
                                    <telerik:GaugeRange Color="#ffc700" From="50" To="100" />
                                    <telerik:GaugeRange Color="#8dcb2a" From="100" To="200" />
                        <%#Eval("TotalObjectivesMade")%> out of <%#Eval("ObjectiveCount")%> Objectives<br />
        <div class="RadListView RadListView_Default">
            <div class="rlvEmpty">
                There are no items to be displayed.

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answered on 29 Jan 2014, 07:05 PM
Never mind, I figured it out.
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