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Filtering real-time view one RadGrid c #

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Jhon asked on 24 Aug 2012, 02:48 PM
I wonder how it is possible to make a filter in real time on a RadGridView

I do not know what event by my textBox to perform so that the filter will

update my RadGrid through just the characters that I'm typing

no more need to go on the bench ... research in itself is showing the list q grid.

- Code that updates my RadGrid -

private void BindToGridAllUsers (string domainIdentity)
             / / Get list of domain users
             List <AllUsersr> listAllUser = (new viewGroups ()). GetAllUser (domainIdentity);

             / / Update the list of users of the grid
             radGridUsers.DataSource = listAllUser;
             radGridUsers.DataBind ();

my code this variable "listAllUser" this taking the existing users and putting in my RadGridView.

I appreciate the help.

Information: Database SQL Server, Visual C # 2010 Ultimate, Telerik components

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Telerik team
answered on 28 Aug 2012, 11:36 AM
Hi Jhon,

Please note that performing complex grid operations such as Inserting, Deleting, Updating, Hierarchy relations, Grouping, Paging, Sorting, Filtering require accommodating appropriate database operations. To use them with simple databinding you will need to declare custom event handling for every operation which requires binding to your DataSource. Therefore, in this case we strongly recommend the use of more advanced databinding methods, which automatically handle the aforementioned functions:
Declarative DataSource
Advanced Data Binding
Advanced Data Binding Demo

I suggest you to check out the Google-like functionality demonstrated in the following demo and the related help topic:
 Grid / Google-like Filtering 
 Google-like Filtering OverView

I hope this will prove helpful.

the Telerik team
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