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    I've noticed that pivot grid filter window displays relative to the pivot grid. I want to set the filter window on the center of the browser window. I've tried set_left,set_top client side functions with filter window OnClientShow event but it didn't work. Provide me with a code sample to achieve this. 

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    Hello Yohan,

    Here I created an example implementation of the desired functionality.

    1. Subscribe to the OnPivotGridCreated client-side event:

    <ClientEvents OnPivotGridCreated="onPivotCreated"/>

    2. Define the event handler as follows:

    function onPivotCreated(sender, args) {
        setTimeout(function () {
            var pivotFilterWindow = $telerik.getElementByClassName(window, 'PivotGridWindow');
            if (pivotFilterWindow) {
       = 50 + '%';
       = -1 * pivotFilterWindow.offsetWidth/2 + 'px';
        if (sender.get_filterWindow()) {
            sender.get_filterWindow().add_dragStart(function () {
                $telerik.getElementByClassName(window, 'PivotGridWindow').style.marginLeft = 0;

    The handler consists two parts, in the first, in the timeOut we retrieve the DOM element of the widow and set its left and margin-left properties accordingly. The second where I attach a dragStart handler to the RadWindow control removes the negative margin on drag start in order to prevent the control from "jumping" while dragging.

    That's it, I also attach a test project, that you can review for further reference.

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