Filter box for GridViewImageColumn showing image URIs, not images

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    My application contains a RadGridView control that is used to display search results.  The data displayed contains a property whose value is an enumerated value that represents the quality of GPS data contained in another property.  Values represent Good, OK, Bad, and Not Available (not the identifiers in the code, but just the idea).  This enumerated value is bound to a GridViewImageColumn; there is an IValueConverter class that converts the enumerated value into the pack URI for one of 4 different images in the program resources.  A green circle is used to represent Good, a yellow circle is used for OK, a red circle for Bad, and a grey circle for Not Available.

    Everything displays find, but there is a problem when the users click on the Filter icon to display the Filtering pop-up.  In that case, what they see is the full URI to the images.  This just isn't right; I'd rather have the images themselves displayed, or a string that represents the state, or, if all else fails, just don't let the user filter on the column.

    I know that I can implement the last option easily by setting the column's IsFiterable property to false, but I'd really like to get the Filter popup for this one case to display the image.  The control already has the URI, and using Snoop I was able to see that there is a template that includes a TextBox in use.  I need to override the template for this one column.  How do I do it?
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    I have just posted a reply to the other thread of yours that contains a sample project. In order to maintain a consistent dialogue, I would ask you to carry out any further communication on this matter there. Thank you.

    Ivan Ivanov

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