Files uploaded in previous postback are still being uploaded

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  1. Akinola
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    Posted 23 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    RadAsyncUpload isnt being consistent with the uploaded files. Attimes, it attempts to upload files that were uploaded in a previous upload, and attimes, it uploads the same file 2ce. I'm not sure what I causing the weird behaviour, but I need some help on this. Any suggestions?

    It seems like when an upload is complete, the files uploaded are still being stored in the control somehow, so when a user tries to do a new upload, the files previously uploaded attempt to be uploaded again. What do I need to do to clear out already uploded files. I have ensured that the uploaded temporary files in the RadUploadtemp folder are cleaned out.

  2. Bozhidar
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    Posted 26 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Akinola,

    Are you using RadAjaxManager or an UpdatePanel in the page where this behavior occurs. In either case, could you send a simplified page that reproduces the issue, so that we can investigate it locally in order to pinpoint the reason for this behavior.
    the Telerik team
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    Posted 27 Jul 2012 Link to this post

    at the risk of sounding impolite, I'd like to ask a quick question, which I think is related to the problem:
    aspx page
    - updatePanel
    -- checkbox AutoPostBack
    -- submit button (
    -- RadAsyncUpload (1 file limit, no targetFolder configured, _FileUploaded handler implemented to save file )

    - select and upload file in RadAsyncUpload
    - checkbox (checked)
    -- postback fired
    ---_FileUploaded processed <-[problem 1]
    ---UpdatePanel refreshed - RadAsyncUpload is reset <- [problem 2]
    -submit clicked
    ---_FileUploaded fires again tries to move file from temp to target, file not found ......<- [problem 3, result of 1 and 2]

    Problem: checkbox triggered submit, not the submit button, causing resets and file issues with AsyncUpload

    Question: Is it possible to use RadAsyncUpload inside UpdatePanel while other controls can cause page postback (without loosing state and preventing firing _FileUploaded on each partial postback?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: FOUND ANSWER - using PostBackTriggers setting for RadAsyncUpload

    if PostBackTriggers setting is not congured, then _FileUploaded fires on EVER postback triggered from UpdatePanel controls.
    But if you specify at least 1 "true submit" form control in PostBackTriggers, the _FileUploaded fired only for that control.
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