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  1. Albert Shenker
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    Posted 03 Jun 2009 Link to this post

    I have built a module with the File Explorer control which manages a bunch of .html content. I have added a custom context menu item which edits these files. When a user selects to edit a file, a dialog opens up with a Rad Editor that loads the content from the file system. When the user is done, they save the content back to the file system through the editor, the dialog closes, and the file explorer is refreshed. The issue I am having is the following...

    If I go into the file explorer and "Open" one of the files to have a look at it, everything is fine (the file opens in the nifty Telerik Rad Window) for preview purposes. If I edit a document and save the changes, I can look in the file system and see that the document was indeed changed. However, after the File Explorer is refreshed, if I go to "open" that same document, the previous version is shown. If I right click within the preview popup and select "Refresh", the proper current version is shown. So, clearly this has something to do with caching

    I took a look at my temporary internet files to see if a file was cached, and lo-and-behold, there was the .html file. What was surprising to me, though, was that the standard Telerik rwndrnd query parameter (which is used to prevent caching in rad window) was there. What was also strange was that, although I went through several iterations of making changes to the file, and each time the window showed the previous version, my temporary internet files only showed a single item for the file with the same rdwndrnd parameter. I was under the imporession that the parameter changed every time the window open is called for the expressed purpuse of eliminating the caching. Lastly, I deleted the file from the temporary internet files and the caching continued to persist. After a large number of iterations, I have yet to see the file in the Temporary Internet File folder.

    This issue doesn't seem to be occurring in FF3. I haven't tried IE7 yet, but the problem definitely occurs in IE6.

    So, any idea how I can prevent the File Explorer "open" function from opening cached content. My .html files are actually just html segments like the following:

    <table style="width: 697px; height: 72px;">  
                <td style="vertical-align: middle; text-align: center;">  
                <h2><span style="color: #c00000; text-decoration: underline;">My trip to the Grand Canyon!</span></h2>  
                <style="text-align: center;">   </p> 
                <style="text-align: center;">   </p> 
    <br /> 
    <br /> 
  2. Fiko
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    Posted 04 Jun 2009 Link to this post

    Hi Albert,

    In your scenario, I would recommend to use the following approach in order to force reloading the embedded in the RadFileExplorer RadWindows :

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 
        RadFileExplorer1.WindowManager.ReloadOnShow = true

    In case that the problem still exists, please open a new support ticket and send us a runnable project that reproduces the described behavior. Once we have a better view over your setup we will do our best to provide a working solution.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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