Facing error - Telerik.Web.UI.Overlay is undefined for RadMenu placed in user control with OutputCache

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    Hi Team,

    We have used RadMenu in our application. we have override some CSS classes to provide our own images as menu items. It was working good so far. But, from the moment we added below tag in user control (which has Menu placed), menu has stopped drilling down and CSS are not working properly.

    <%@ OutputCache Duration="43434" VaryByParam="None" VaryByCustom="abc" Shared="true" %>

    We referred to your tutorial from here and set the CSS and Script reference accordingly, but even-though, the problem hasn't resolved.

    I have observed below errors in the error console of the browser.
    1. TypeError: Telerik.Web.UI.Overlay is undefined NavigationScript.js
    2. ReferenceError: Sys is not defined.  - This error has been resolved by placing "<location path="Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd"></location>" tag in web.config. I have refereed this post  for the same.

    But some how, still my Menu is not behaving as expected.

    Please assist ASAP. Let me know if you need more details.

  2. Boyan Dimitrov
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    Posted 02 Jan 2014 Link to this post


    I would like to clarify that your observations are absolutely correct and the reason why the RadMenu is not behaving as expected is caused by the "TypeError: Telerik.Web.UI.Overlay is undefined NavigationScript.js" error. The provided information in the ticket shows that you are using our latest official version of our control. In this version the overlay script is not part of the NavigationScripts.js file but it is separate file in the Navigation folder. So in this case please add an additional script reference pointing to OverlayScript.js file within the Scripts/Common/Navigation folder as shown in the code snippet below:
    //markup code

    <telerik:RadScriptManager ID="RadScriptManager1" runat="server">
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Common/Core.js" />
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Common/jQuery.js" />
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Common/jQueryPlugins.js" />
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Common/Navigation/NavigationScripts.js" />
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Common/Navigation/OverlayScript.js" />
                    <asp:ScriptReference Path="~/Scripts/Menu/RadMenuScripts.js" />

    Please note that all JavaScript files are available in the distribution (EXE, ZIP and hotfix) of RadControls' "Scripts" folder (including the OverlayScript.js file).

    I would like to assure you that we will update all related help resources as soon as possible.

    Boyan Dimitrov
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