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Expand only higher level group

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NVB asked on 01 Jun 2012, 07:13 PM

I have  radgrid  which  displays information on 2 grouping levels
Based on selction from dropdown  above the radgrid, it retrieves the  Radgrid.

On first load of the page or whenever there is change in the selection in the search drop down. I need the Group1 not to  expand and  user should able to expand the group  which should result the groups inside it  and then  expand I should able to expand the 2nd group again.

I was  able to to do the following  in the load

Not IsPostBack Then

 RadGrid1.MasterTableView.GroupsDefaultExpanded = False


 RadGrid1.MasterTableView.GroupsDefaultExpanded = True   <--- I have to do this otherwise it stays FALSE on subsequest page loads

End If

And on the change selection of dropdown I am doing


RadGrid1.MasterTableView.GroupsDefaultExpanded = FALSE

With the above codigng  the first load of grid  displays fine with not expanded , when i click on the group expand button, the symbol changes that it expanded but it does not display the expanded groups. Now If I clcik again the same buttons ,it shows  everything with all 2 level groups also  expanded .
So basically on  1st time you don't see any change in the display of screen ( except the higher level group shows expanded sysmbol).
Clicking on it agian  it shows everything expanded.

How to control the two level groupings for the scenario I mentioned above.


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Telerik team
answered on 06 Jun 2012, 09:30 AM

It is not expected behavior for the grid to not expand on initial clicking of the expand button. Can you confirm if you have AJAX in this scenario and if so, do you get any server-side exceptions when you temporarily disable it in this scenario?
Also, how are you binding the grid? Can you share the code related to this problem - grid declaration, binding logic, etc.?

the Telerik team
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