Empty ReadOnly-Slot blocks all DragAndDrop

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    Hallo Telerik-Team,

    in our application we want to display empty rows in the ScheduleView. These rows are readonly and will have a special look.
    My idea was to create a special kind of Resource (SpacerResource) with a custom style. This works fine and I can add them between the other resources to insert the empty rows. I also generate a readonly SpacerSlot to which I add all the SpacerResources. A custom SpecialSlotStyleSelector is used to display the empty rows the way we want. This also works fine.

    Now for the problem: If no SpacerRow is added to the resources and therefore the SpacerSlot.Resources list is empty, drag&drop of our Appointments does not work anymore. Note that the SpacerSlot is always added to the list of special slots, even when no SpacerResource instances exist. If I add a SpacerResource and "register" it in the SpacerSlot, the drag&drop works again. The ScheduleView is used in TimeLineView only.

    To me this seems to be a bug. Would you please tell me if I do something wrong or if this is indeed an incorrect behavior?

    The special slot is created like this:
    01.public static Slot GenerateSpacerSlot(DateTime viewportStart, DateTime viewportEnd)
    02. {
    03.   return new Slot()
    04.   {
    05.    Start = viewportStart.StartOfDay(),
    06.    End   = viewportEnd.EndOfDay(),
    07.    IsReadOnly = true,
    08.    TimeZone = TimeZoneInfo.Utc,
    09.    RecurrencePattern = new RecurrencePattern(
    10.        null,
    11.        RecurrenceDays.EveryDay,
    12.        RecurrenceFrequency.Weekly,
    13.        1,
    14.        null,
    15.        null)
    16.   };

    The parameters define the current viewport displayed. StartOfDay() and EndOfDay() are custom extension methods.


  2. Kalin
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    Posted 19 Jan 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Hendrik,

    If you have Appointments placed over ReadOnly Slots - you won't be able to drag/drop and modify those Appointments at all (it is demonstrated in this demo). This a behavior intended by design. However I assume your case is different by saying the drag/drop works when the custom Slots have been added. I would like to ask you to share more details - sample code and/or screenshot would be helpful.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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