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    We are evaluating the Q1 2011 Rad Controls for ASP.NET Ajax suite. In testing the Editor's ability to load RTF content, we loaded a test RTF that included an embedded image. The rendering in the editor of the document did not show the image. Looking at the HTML source of the rendered document shown that the image's URL was set to something that did not exist.

    1. Did we not set up the RadEditor correctly on the website to render embedded images correctly?
    2. Is this one of those limitations/problems with 3rd party RTF-to-XHTML library you are using?
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    Yes, exactly. Images import and export is currently unsupported. Here are more details about the RTF export and import features:

    RadEditor uses two different free libraries to provide Import to RTF and Export to RTF features.
    The first one used to provide RFT to HTML importation is available in this CodeProject's article: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/RtfConverter.aspx.
    The library used for HTML to RTF exportation is available here http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/RtfConverter.aspx.
    As you can see both libraries are written by different developers and they are not fully compatible with each other.

    Here is a list of know limitations of the Import and Export features of both libraries:

    RFT to HTML (Import)

    - supported. I was able to export bold formatting from the provided by you Bold.rtf file.
    italic - supported
    underline - supported
    foreground and background colors - supported
    table elements - unsupported
    images- unsupported
    indentations - unsupported

    HTML to RTF (export)

    bold - supported.
    italic - supported
    underline - unsupported
    foreground and background colors - unsupported
    table elements - partially supported
    images- unsupported
    indentations - supported

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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