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Dynamically generated RadDatePicker controls not triggering the Compare Validator.

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Naeem asked on 19 Aug 2015, 06:55 AM


I have a problem with RadDatePicker controls in Asp.Net.

I am dynamically creating 2 RadDatePicker controls at runtime and I want to apply CompareValidator to check if the 'From Date' is less than the 'To Date'. The controls are dynamically created so i have set the AutoPostBack = false. With that the controls are not throwing the validation if i choose the wrong dates.

The condition is:

Date Validation checks - From Date <= To date

Here is my code:

for (int j = 0; j < slistArray.Length; j++)

int counter = 0;

int DateRangeFound = 0;

switch (QuestionType)

case "DateRange":
                                    if (QuestionName == "DateFrom")
                                        RadDatePicker rdpDateFrom = new RadDatePicker();
                                        rdpDateFrom.CssClass = "form-control form-control-item";
                                        rdpDateFrom.ID = "rdpDateFrom" + j.ToString() + "-" + counter;
                                        rdpDateFrom.AutoPostBack = false;
                                        rdpDateFrom.DatePopupButton.Visible = true;
                                        rdpDateFrom.ShowPopupOnFocus = true;
                                        rdpDateFrom.EnableScreenBoundaryDetection = true;
                                        rdpDateFrom.MaxDate = DateTime.Now;


                                    else if (QuestionName == "DateTo")
                                        RadDatePicker rdpDateTo = new RadDatePicker();
                                        rdpDateTo.CssClass = "form-control form-control-item";
                                        rdpDateTo.ID = "rdpDateTo" + j.ToString() + "-" + (counter - 1);
                                        rdpDateTo.AutoPostBack = false;
                                        rdpDateTo.DatePopupButton.Visible = true;
                                        rdpDateTo.ShowPopupOnFocus = true;
                                        rdpDateTo.EnableScreenBoundaryDetection = true;
                                        rdpDateTo.MaxDate = DateTime.Now;


                                    if (DateRangeFound > 1)
                                        CompareValidator cvdpDate = new CompareValidator();
                                        cvdpDate.ID = "cvdpDate" + j.ToString() + "-" + counter;
                                        cvdpDate.ControlToCompare = "rdpDateFrom" + j.ToString() + "-" + (counter - 1);
                                        cvdpDate.ControlToValidate = "rdpDateTo" + j.ToString() + "-" + (counter - 1);
                                        cvdpDate.Operator = ValidationCompareOperator.GreaterThanEqual;
                                        cvdpDate.Type = ValidationDataType.Date;
                                        cvdpDate.Text = "*";
                                        cvdpDate.ForeColor = Color.Red;
                                        cvdpDate.ErrorMessage = "End date must be equal or greater than start date - please correct dates.";







Any suggestions for the client side jquery validation will also be helpful. 


Thank you.

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Viktor Tachev
Telerik team
answered on 20 Aug 2015, 02:47 PM
Hi Naeem,

Make sure that you are adding the picker controls and the Validator early enough in the Page lifecycle. For convenience I have prepared a sample project. It is working as expected on my end. Try to use similar approach and let me know how it works for you.

Viktor Tachev
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Viktor Tachev
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