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    i am using clientShow to intercept the display of a tooltip, I am extracting data from a js array help on the page to create a details tooltip - it is required to display x number of columns of data - thee dats must be aligned as you would see in a table or grid. I acheieved the required look in FF3 using divs with display:inline-block however Ie doesn't recognise this so now  have to create tabels on the fly and pass this text to set_text. this works fine however getting very flaky results when attempting to apply styles to the table

    Style is

      background-color : blue;!important;
      border-bottom: 1px solid gray; !important;
      margin: 5px;!important;

    However while the bottom border is picked up neight the color or margin is being picked - am i missing something?  The style is applied to each cell - I attempted to apply a style to each element ie
    only the row style was being picked up



  2. Tervel
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    Hi Kieran,

    If you need to apply the .hint class to TDs, TRs, and the TABLE element itself, you need to slightly change your css declarations. Currently you "glue" those together, which is not correct for your scenario. Here is how you should change those instead:
    table.hint tr,
    table.hint td

       //CSS goes here

    In any case, our suggestion is, if you experience any problem, to first get your CSS style properly a test TABLE that is on the page and outside of the RadToolTip. Once you have it looking as expected, it should look good into the tooltip as well.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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