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    I want to use drag and drop feature between 2 Listbox. I am loading the data from server for 1st listbox. I can succesfully load the data and can see it in 1st listbox however i cant drag and drop to the second listbox the selected items. Thank you in advance for ur help.

    this is how i load the data in code behind:
    ​ public void Populate()

    var client = new Organon.IM.Presentation.IMPresentationService.PresentationServiceClient();
    OperationResultDto<UserDto[]> Users = client.GetAllUsers();

    var source = new BindingSource();
    source.DataSource = Users.Data;
    rlAssignments.DataSource = source;


    this is the code i am using the listboxes:

           <telerik:RadListBox ID="rlAssignments" runat="server" TransferMode="Copy" Width="250px" BackColor="#2D1A44" SelectionMode="Multiple" AllowTransfer="True" TransferToID="rlModellers" AutoPostBackOnTransfer="true"
    AllowReorder="True" AutoPostBackOnReorder="true" EnableDragAndDrop="true" Skin="" CssClass="app-check">
    <p><%# Eval("Username") %></p>


    <telerik:RadListBox ID="rlModellers" runat="server" AllowTransfer="true" AutoPostBackOnTransfer="true"
    SelectionMode="Multiple" AllowReorder="true" AutoPostBackOnReorder="true" EnableDragAndDrop="true"
    Skin="" Width="510px">
    <table style="width: 250px">
    <tr style="width: 250px">
    <td style="width: 470px"><span class="name fl"></span>
    <span class="buttons fr">
    <a href="" class="mini-action icon-delete-mini"></a>


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    When transferring templated items between two ListBoxes you have to call DataBind() once each item is transferred, using the OnTransferred event, as demonstrated in the following demo:


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