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Drag and click on a slider with items dont work the same

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Andreas Selling
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Andreas Selling asked on 13 Jul 2010, 01:33 PM

I have a slider that works great when I click on it but if I drag the slider to a position it does a postback and the selected slider item always go back to the previous position.

If I drag the slider to a position I want it to be handled just as if I click on a position.

Here is some code:
RadSlider assesmentSlider = (RadSlider)e.Item.FindControl("AssesmentSlider");
            assesmentSlider.ItemType = SliderItemType.Item;
            //the databinding of the slider
            Vklass.IUP.MatrixAssesment assesment = ((Vklass.IUP.MatrixAssesment)e.Item.DataItem);
            assesmentSlider.Items.Add(new RadSliderItem("Inget", ""));
            RadSliderItem sliderItem1 = new RadSliderItem("1", assesment.Text1);
            assesmentSlider.Items.Add(new RadSliderItem("2", assesment.Text2));
            assesmentSlider.Items.Add(new RadSliderItem("3", assesment.Text3));
            assesmentSlider.Items.Add(new RadSliderItem("4", assesment.Text4));
            assesmentSlider.Items.Add(new RadSliderItem("5", assesment.Text5));
            assesmentSlider.ViewStateMode = System.Web.UI.ViewStateMode.Enabled;
            assesmentSlider.AutoPostBack = false;
            //The Javascript
            assesmentSlider.OnClientValueChanged = "OnClientValueChanged" + assesmentSlider.ClientID;
            assesmentSlider.OnClientSlideEnd = "OnClientSlideEnd" + assesmentSlider.ClientID;
            string tb1 = e.Item.FindControl("SelectedAssesmentValue").ClientID;
            string hiddenvalue = e.Item.FindControl("AssesmentText0").ClientID;
            string answered = e.Item.Parent.Parent.FindControl("Answered").ClientID;
            string jsfunction = "function " + assesmentSlider.OnClientValueChanged + "(obj,args){\nvar val = '" + hiddenvalue + "' \n$get('" + tb1 + "').value = $get(val.slice(0, -1)+obj.get_value()).value;\nif(obj.get_value() != '0'){\n $get('" + answered + "').value = 'True';\n }else{ \n$get('" + answered + "').value = 'False';\n }\n$get('UpdateDocument').click()\n}\n"; ;
            string jsfunction2 = "function " + assesmentSlider.OnClientSlideEnd + "(obj,args){\n obj.set_value=obj.get_trackPosition;\n}\n"; ;

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Telerik team
answered on 15 Jul 2010, 01:12 PM
Hi Andreas Selling,
The problem you describe is a result of the code that you execute in the handler for the slideEnd event of RadSlider:

string jsfunction2 = "function " + assesmentSlider.OnClientSlideEnd + "(obj,args){ obj.set_value=obj.get_trackPosition;}";

This code changes the set_value client-side method by replacing it with the get_trackPosition client-side method of the control. As a result, the value of the slider cannot change. In case you remove this code, the slider with behave as expected.

Sincerely yours,
the Telerik team
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Andreas Selling
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