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    Posted 14 May 2009 Link to this post

    Hi all,
    i have just updated the controls  from version Q3 2008  to version 2009.01.0506.35

    When i open DocumentManager with DialogOpener object, a javascript error occurs.

    In this snippet i set the DialogDefinitions for the DocumentManagerDialog
                targetFolder = _presenter.GetAttachmentsFolder(); 
                FileManagerDialogParameters dlgManagerParameters = new FileManagerDialogParameters 
                                                                       {ViewPaths = new string[1] {targetFolder}}; 
                dlgManagerParameters.UploadPaths = dlgManagerParameters.ViewPaths; 
                dlgManagerParameters.DeletePaths = dlgManagerParameters.ViewPaths; 
                dlgManagerParameters.MaxUploadFileSize = 5000000; 
                // If you don't set the following property, the default value will be used 
                dlgManagerParameters.SearchPatterns = 
                DialogDefinition docManager = new DialogDefinition(typeof(DocumentManagerDialog), 
                                                      ClientCallbackFunction = "callBackFnAllegato"
                                                      Title = "Gestione documenti"
                                                      Width = Unit.Pixel(694), 
                                                      Height = Unit.Pixel(500) 
                docManager.Parameters["ExternalDialogsPath"] = "~/EditorDialogs"
                dlgOpener.DialogDefinitions.Add("DialogDocument", docManager); 

    Dialog declaration
    <telerik:RadDialogOpener runat="server" ID="dlgOpener"

    Open dialog
    <asp:ImageButton ID="imgAllegatoManager" runat="server" SkinID="btnAttach"  
                OnClientClick="return ShowDialog('DialogDocument');" /> 

    This is the embedded javascript that fails, specifically the first line of the function
    _loadLinkProperties : function() 
            var currentLink = this._clientParameters.get_value(); 
            var currentHref = currentLink.getAttribute("href", 2); 
            var anchors = this._clientParameters.documentAnchors; 

    This is the error:
    Error: this._clientParameters.get_value is not a function
    Source File: http://localhost:4137/ScriptResource.axd?d=UQWwKN_46q7-uyZ4WTiJtjbw7-TZ21nD4t1jm17a3wzrvCs8Hytb9miequru0VyFY8JL4lX41RPClwykw1ZqHw2&t=ffffffffc54d9c1d
    Row: 1081

    Any suggestions?

    Thank in advance and
    best regards.


  2. Lini
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    Posted 16 May 2009 Link to this post


    The DocumentManager expects a certain object with arguments to be passed by the calling page. In your case you probably do not pass the correct arguments. Here is your 'ShowDialog' JavaScript method should look like:

    <script type="text/javascript"
    function ShowDialog(dlg) 
        var opener = $find("dlgOpener"); 
        var link = document.createElement("a"); 
        var arguments = {get_value: function(){return link;}, CssClasses: []};, arguments); 
        return false
    function callBackFnAllegato(sender,args) 
        var link = args.get_value(); 
        var linkUrl = link.getAttribute("href",2); 

    The arguments needed are:

    1. CssClasses - array with CSS classes to be shown in the dialog (for selecting the link CSS). If you do not need this feature, pass an empty array.
    2. get_value() function - passes the link to be modified. If you are inserting a new link, simply create an empty anchor (document.createElement('a')).

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