display next,Previous and finish button in all radwizard steps

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    i want to display next,Previous and finish button in all radwizard steps .in step 0 (first step) previous button disabled and in last step next button disabled and finish button must be enabled. Is this possible in rad WIzard UI

      <telerik:RadWizard RenderMode="Lightweight"
                        Localization-Finish="Create Order" Localization-Cancel="Close" OnCancelButtonClick="ManualOrderWizard_CancelButtonClick">
                        <%-- OnCancelButtonClick="">--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="AddMembership" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                                <uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership" />
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="AddItems" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                                <uc:UCAddItems runat="server" ID="AddItem" />
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="CustomerShipping" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                                <%--<uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership2" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="GiftMessages" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                               <%-- <uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership3" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="AddbilltoCustomer" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                                <%--<uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership4" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="ReviewOrderTotal" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                                <%--<uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership5" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="OrderPayments" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                               <%-- <uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership6" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="AddNotes" StepType="Step" runat="server">
                               <%-- <uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership7" />--%>
                            <telerik:RadWizardStep ID="ReviewOrder" StepType="Finish" runat="server">
                                <%--uc:UCAddMembership runat="server" ID="UCAddMembership8" />--%>


  2. Peter Milchev
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    Posted 23 Jul 2018 Link to this post


    One approach is to change the style of the hidden items and in the OnClientLoad event of the Wizard to check the active index and disable the desired buttons: 

        .rwzNav .rwzHidden {
            display: table-cell !important;
        .rwzButton:disabled {
            opacity: .5;
            cursor: default;
        function OnClientLoad(sender, args) {
            var steps = sender.get_wizardSteps();
            if (sender.get_activeIndex() == 0) {
                // disable previous
                $telerik.$(sender.get_previousButtonElement()).attr("disabled", "disabled");
            if (sender.get_activeIndex() == steps.get_count() - 1) {
                // disable next
                $telerik.$(sender.get_nextButtonElement()).attr("disabled", "disabled");
    <telerik:RadWizard RenderMode="Lightweight"  runat="server"  ID="ManualOrderWizard"
        OnClientLoad="OnClientLoad" ...>

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