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  1. Lindsay Miles
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    Posted 27 Jul 2011 Link to this post


    I'm developing a DNN module with the RadScheduler but am seeing a few issues.

    DayStartTime and DayEndTime on DayView, WeekView and where-ever these can be set are: 6.00:00:00 and 24.00:00:00 as I want all time to be displayed from 6am to Midnight for Day and Week views.

    Result: the scheduler ONLY displays all time in 24hours and never the "business hours" I've set!

    When I click "Show 24 Hours", the rows line up correctly with the times in the time column BUT, when I click "Show Business Hours" the rows under the days DO NOT line-up with the rows in the time column AND it still shows all 24 hours!

    Lastly, I've set the first day of week to be Monday and last to be Sunday - when showing 24hours, it displays that correctly BUT when showing "business hours" the days start on Sunday, end Saturday !!

    I think you guys have some work to do on this. I'm surprised this got through QA!

    Unless the build that ships with DNN is really buggy and I should use the latest v2011.2.712.40 (but cannot because DNN is compiled using 2011.1.519.35).

    Please advise.

  2. Lindsay Miles
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    Posted 27 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    Yet more to add...

    I decided to not use the Telerik controls directly but use the dnn-wrapped controls, SO...I'll share the experience!

    Add a DNNScheduler to the ascx, amended some properties like all StartTimes and EndTimes are set to 06.00 and 24.00 so my "business hours" ought to be displayed thus, right?

    Set the standard bound properties, compiled the module and installed into DNN.

    The toggle between 24 hours and business hours does not work. The time always starts at 12am and not the property-set time of 6am, regardless of 24-hour or business hour view. The business hours mode shows hours and hours and hours, well over 72hours and not just the hours specified - 6.00 to 24.00. Gridlines don't even show up.

    Added an appointment or two to the schedule, added ok, tried editing or deleting, no go. values remain the same, can't delete. Relevant properties allowing actions are all set to true.

    Lastlyly before you're all bored to death - the week-view displays the week AHEAD of the current date. If I wan tto see the current week, I need to set "today" to a week ago.

    After trying the same with the Telerik controls directly instead of the dnn-wrapped controls AND getting the same results, I think Telerik dropped the ball on this one. THAT scheduler is unuseable - version 2011.1.519.35 shipped with DNN. I have no faith in the rest of the controls as a result...

    I'd really like to use these controls and get on building some new modules!

  3. Peter
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    Posted 02 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    Hi Lindsay,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is very valueable as it will help us improve our controls and DNN wrappers. As a result of your feedback, we will do thourough testing of the described scenarios. However, please tell us the exact version of DNN that you use.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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