Differenz between Notification and ToolTip

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    Posted 14 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    We have already implemented a Notification. But I've realized, however, with a ToolTip. Is there a technical difference between the ToolTip and the new Notificaition Control
    Is it worth to switching over?

    Kind regards
  2. Svetlina Anati
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    Hello Cari,

     There are many differences between RadToolTip and RadNotification, here is a list of some of them:

    1) Rendered HTML - RadNotification does not use any TABLE elements in difference than RadToolTip and regarding this it has a better HTML output.

    2) A separate radToolTip does not have load on demand. A tooltip generated through a RadToolTipManager has LOD through AJAX or WebService. RadNotification offers LOD through Callback and WebService. If we compare performance between an ajax tooltip and a notification with callback, the notification solution has better performance.

    3) RadNotification provides built-in icons, titlebar, built-in menu, keeponmouseover and pin functionality, intervals to automatically update and/or show, etc and the tooltip does not provide this functionality out of the box.

    4) RadToolTip has code to display relative to element and mouse while RadNotification is relative to the browser only. RadToolTip also provides a callout and the notification does not.

    5) RadNotification uses CSS3 - this means that rounded corners and shadows will work in browser that support it while RadToolTip has another way of implementing this and will support it in older browsers too (of course with a trade off)

    Here are only some of the differences, which I could summarize for you. We are planning a series of blogposts for the future which will be focused on comparing the different popups and which of them is most suitable for a particular scenario. For example, to implement a session timeout as shown in the demo below:


    is almost codeless with RadNotification but will need extra code for other popups.

    I hope that the provided information is helpful, in case you have a particular question, do not hesitate to contact me again, I will be glad to answer it.

    the Telerik team

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