Difference between RadSkinManager and ASP.NET Themes

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  1. Derek
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    Can someone please explain when to use RadSkinManager and ASP.NET Themes - I've been reading the documentation and it's not clear which should be used, if not both simultaneously. Can I get a clear explanation of how RadSkinManager works with ASP.NET Themes? This would be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Derek
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    Perhaps this info will help answer this question; I watched this video http://tv.telerik.com/watch/aspnet/visualstylebuilder/visual-style-builder-aspnet-ajax-overview which showed me how to put a custom skin into the Themes folder and set the skin. Makes sense!

    What's getting me confused is that it's not showing me how to use the customized skin with RadSkinManager or RadFormDecorator.

    So should I just use ASP.NET themes with my custom skins and ignore RadSkinManager and RadFormDecorator?

    Or should I load custom skins into my Themes folder and set them with RadSkinManager and RadFormDecorator?

    Bottomline: What is the correct way of using custom themes with RadSkinManager and RadFormDecorator -- this is what I'm trying to discover.

  3. Galin
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    Hi Derek,

    There is no need to use the App_Themes folder or any part of the ASP.NET theming mechanism. You can copy your files to a regular folder and follow the instructions for registering the skin with the RadSkinManager in the following help article (which you seem to have already looked at, but I am not sure if you saw the full content):
    http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/skinmanager.html (see the first part of Using RadSkinManager for applying custom skins)

    However, note that if you register the skins this way, they will not appear in the Skin Chooser. To get them to show, you need to embed them in an assembly (see the second part of the Using RadSkinManager for applying custom skins in the topic linked above).

    Once you have the skin correctly registered and showing in the chooser, it will work fine with any RadControl that you provided skin files for.

    You have opened a support ticket concerning the same issue. In order to avoid duplicate posts,
    I suggest that we continue the communication in the support ticket.

    the Telerik team
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  4. Derek
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    Posted 07 Jun 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Galin,

    Thank you for the reply. I think it's important to post here because I got excellent support on my support ticket and this may help others in the future. I think skins with RadSkinManager and RadFormDecorator are MUCH better than ASP.NET themes. When I started figuring things out, it was a bit confusing because the documentation includes Skin info from earlier days of Telerik up through being able to customize your own skins (via path or DLL). So there was quite a learning curve and I was unsure of the best methods.

    Ultimately I realized I needed to create my own Skin DLLs but was put off by the amount of work needed after using Telerik's VSB (http://stylebuilder.telerik.com/). While I was getting good advice from my support ticket, I also luckily discovered this link:


    which provided a tool for creating a DLL from Skins created by the VSB. This tool saved me days of work. I strongly recommend it somehow be incorporated by Telerik to help customers such as myself get through the tedious work. It would nicely compliment the VSB!

    I would also strongly urge Telerik to gather together all of the Skin documentation and put it into one "Latest Skins" document so new users can go to one source for info and not get confused by older documents, this would help tremendously.

    With all of the above said, my custom skins are working and I'm quite happy and support was patient and excellent!

    Kind regards,
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