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design a simple, comfortable, friendly user interface for a WPF desktop application (by MVVM ) by C# in VS2013 on win 7

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Lily asked on 10 Apr 2016, 04:18 PM

design a simple (no fancy/shining color change), comfortable, friendly (easy-to-use) user interface for a WPF desktop application (by MVVM pattern) by C# in VS2013 on win 7

I would like to design a WPF desktop application by C# in VS2013 on win 7.

I need to design an UI look like this attached example blow. I have checked the WPF toolbox in VS2013, I do not find a layout template that can provide an UI like this.

In order to design a simple, comfortable and friendly (easy-to-use) user interface, I have checked the links :


But, they are not a good fit for my application.

I need a user interface :
      1. some tool menus on the top such as "File", "Edit", "project", "tool" , "help", which look much like the most popular UI style in MS office tools.
      2. some shortcut icons for some hot uses below the tool menu
      3. The  left panel are separated into 3 parts : left, middle, right
      4.  Each part size can be changed by holding the vertical separator
      5 . Each part is separated into 2 vertical parts
      6. In left-upper part, there some tree-view buttons, when a button is clicked, a detailed subtree buttons are shown at the left-lower part.
     7. In the middle part, some data chart, tables, curves are shown at the upper-part and the related detailed data are shown at the lower-part.
     8. In the middle part, I need multiple tabs to show the data and charts
     9. In the right-part, it holds some animations related to the data shown in the middle part.
     10. the color of the application should be consistent, simple and flat (not much gradient change, e.g. ligth-gray is fine), not so fancy like prism.

Are there some templates similar like this ? 

Any suggestions ? Thanks !


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Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
answered on 13 Apr 2016, 10:34 AM
Hello Lily,

Note that the UI for WPF suite provides UI controls that can be used to build rich graphic visualization application. However, the main goal of the suite is not to provide complete applications.

I can suggest you several controls and demos which you can use as a reference in order to achieve your requirement.
  1. To build the top most menu (with File, Edit, Project, etc.) you can use RadMenu.
  2. To create the bottom menu with the shortcut icons you can use using RadToolBar.
  3. To create the main layout of the control you can use the RadDocking control.
  4. RadDocking supports resizing out of the box so you can take advantage of this feature.
  5. You can also consider using WPF Panels to create the layout of the application. This will allow you to place the elements wherever you like.
  6. You can check the RadTreeView control.
  7. For the middle part you can use RadRichTextBox and RadTabControl.
  8. Same as 7. You can use RadChartView to display charts.
  9. For the right part you can use the RadRichTextBox control to display the text. As for the animations you can take a look at MSDN. As seen from your picture there is a zoom controller which you can achieve with RadSlider
  10. Our controls support different themes so you can choose which colors suites best your requirements. You can see the different themes in each control's Theming demo.

You can also check our help documentation, SDK examples, and demo application. Also, our MS Office inspired templates might be useful for your case. Especially the Outlook inspired template.

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Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
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